Sunday, May 1, 2016

Latest and Greatest Part II

No this Blog is not Dead, its only begun.  So a quick update since it's been over a year since I posted.  The greatest thing that has happened is that Lia is finally potty trained!  Speaking of Lia on April 28th it was her 1 year anniversary of having the gastro G-tube surgery.  When she had the surgery she weighed 19.9 lbs.  At her latest appointment on 10Mar16 she weighed 24.8 lbs.  I think we were expecting more, but well take it.  We throw a party for every pound she gains.  Other big things that have happened is that Parker can walk now.  He is still 1, but will be 2 on June 30th.  Overall, it has been a great year, and was easier than the year prior.

This picture was taken in Sep 2015.  Lia and Parker were starting to become best friends then.

This picture was from Sep. 2015 when we visited Mikelle's family in Gallup.  Kimber likes to play with Parker.

We had Family pictures done in Nov. 2015.  This is my favorite of the kids.

Lia started Pre-school in January.  This is her first day.  She was really excited about the backpack.  Looks like next year she will be taking the bus.

One of Lia's favorite things to do is to walk solo on hikes.  When she does this, she always gets a sly grin and starts to walk her 'confident walk.'  I cant duplicate it, but I would sure like to learn.

Meagan's family came to visit us recently.  Here Thomas is pushing Parker on the toy bike.

This is my favorite picture of the weekend.  Lia likes it when I pull this picture out on my phone and say everyone's name in the order that they are sitting.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Latest and Greatest

Here are a few photos of the past 4 months. The first one here is Lia making Parker laugh from his crib.

Lia is enjoying a day in the rain!

Parker amusing himself.

Lia received one of her favorite objects in life,  Balloons for her 2nd birthday.  She also received a Sofia the First comforter to help her get through the long rugged winter. Lia also sees to it that the ladder that you see is a permanent fixture in the family room.

Parker is celebrating the new year in style!  Bring on 2015!

We've been spending a lot of time at the new Riverview Park.  Lia loves to go down the slides by her self now and Parker loves to play at the wall of rocks.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Tis the Season of Better Weather

Here are a few pictures from the past 3 months. The first one is from August.  Lia really loves to play with Parker.  She is getting better and better about being softer to him.

I walked into our bedroom and found Lia on the bed talking on my phone so I had to get a quick picture.  Is this foreshadowing for things to come when she is a teenager?

Parker being happy in his carseat.

This is Parker from his blessing day in October.  My dad and I were both blessed in the same outfit at our own blessings as well.

I will always treasure this picture after Grandpa passed away on 04Nov14

Lia dressed as a ladybug for Halloween.  She liked her outfit except for the hat, which she constantly took off.  It was cute seeing her go trick or treating because you could just tell at the beginning that she really didn't know what was going on but by the 3rd or 4th house she knew exactly what was going on and would try to take the whole bag of candy from people!  Then on top of that, when she gets home, she does not want to eat the candy, just suck on the wrapper itself.

Diana found a Batman onesie that fit Parker, and I think he did a marvelous job on Halloween night displaying his character.

Little Parker from behind with his cape.  Parker just turned 4 months old and is already eating baby food out of jar.  Yeah for Parker!  He already eats more than twice than Lia in food calories, but Lia has him beat with Formula calories.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Meet Parker Ned Wright

Parker Ned Wright was born at 1:39PM on June 30th.  Parker weighed 7lbs 11oz and was 19.5 inches long.  We checked into the hospital at 3AM was a smooth delivery.  We are excited to add Parker to our family.  He is a voracious eater both day and night which keeps mom and dad up but we are so happy to have him.  I guess he looks a little like Lia.  Here are some photos:

 Lia was sick for the first couple of days that Parker was home.  It was so sad to see.  It reminded me of Hallie when she got sick in Mexico a few years back.

 This is Lia practicing on holding the baby at the hospital.

Lia, Parker and Mom at the hospital.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Easter, Kitchen Re-model & recent pictures

Here are some recent pictures from Easter.  Also, we updated our kitchen and got rid of our nasty countertops and sink and replaced them with some beautiful mahagony aka "deleware peppercorn" cabinetry. We went to Wet n Wild over Memorial Day weekend and Lia had a great time.

Lia chillin on the towel at Wet n Wild

And here are a couple more of Lia taken last week.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Lia is 15 months old

Much has happened since the last posting on this blog.  Lia is now 15 months old and started walking last month.  It has been awesome watching her learn and now she is even starting to run a little bit.  Furthermore, I deemed it appropriate to buy her some new shoes via "Jordans"   She likes them very much and would wear them all day if she could.  Her growth curve has slowed since October and we are seeing a Gastroentorologist to see if there are issues.  She weighed 14 lbs in October and still weighed 14 lbs in February.  We went back for a weigh in last week and she is now 15 lbs so that was improvement.  The problem is that she does not like to eat.  She only likes to drink formula, and so we buy formula at Walmart all of the time.  Also here is a video of her walking.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Trips to Nashville, D.C, and the Mogollon Rim

Fun in the Bathtub

We loved traveling through Virginia.  The homes in the country are the best.  Diana and I both agree that it would be awesome to live there in one of the rural towns.

What a big backyard for the Obama family.  I love this house because of the great tradition of President's who have lived there.  Also, am sad at looking at my Pittsburgh hat as I lost it on the trip.  If there ever was a time to wear that hat, it is now.

Gatlinburg, the greatest small town in America.  Love this little town.  It is right at the gateway of the Smoky Mountains and at the gateway to my heart!  I know I mentioned I loved the rural towns in Virginia, but this place is a notch higher.  You can book it, Diana and I will be back to visit this piece of Heaven.

Gatlinburg also had an aquarium for Lia to enjoy.  She loved the big fish and the Shark exhibit.

This place jog any memories for anyone.  It should, as this is the place where we held our 4th of July picnic at Trevecca in 1993.  One of the most brutally humid days I have ever witnessed.

We went camping on the rim yesterday and we got lucky and found this guy.  We also saw a black bear up there too.  It was the first bear I have seen at our camping spot.  It ran away too quick before I could get a picture of it though.

The temperatures were so cold because of the wind chill but we made sure Lia was warm with layers upon layers and a special onesie made for the cold.

Last, but definitely not least are my new basketball shoes Kobe System 8!